Land properties
We organised the types of property recorded in the survey in four broad categories: lands, trees, buildings, animals. Landed property consists of all property types that are measured by area and categorised by use. It includes cultivated or non-cultivated lands, gardens and orchards, vineyards, cotton or cereal fields, etc. Tree crops are also recorded as individual trees, measured by number. Since quantification in land area and number of trees was not compatible, we created a separate category for trees.
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Archival reference
Value (in kuruş)
Current search Cyprus Percentage
Persons (records): 13 17,162 0.08%
Persons (number)*: 13 41,784 0.03%
Households: 13 15,782 0.08%
All properties value: 5,550.00 10,418,410.18 0.05%
Property average value: 426.92 259.31
Property standard deviation: 257.66 820.61
Lands (value): 5,550.00 10,418,410.18 0.05%
Lands (area): 27.75 580,135.86 0.05%
Settlements: 1 765 0.13%
*The number of persons is approximate because in some cases one person record may comprise more than one person (e.g. the brothers and sisters of X)
Values for properties (lands, trees, buildings and animals) are in kuruş. Land areas have been calculated in dönüm
Geography Department of Harokopio University and Sylvia Ioannou Foundation (2021).. Economy, environment and landscape in the Cypriot longue durée: The 1832/33 Ottoman Property Survey of Cyprus. List of land properties. Retrieved from: on 19/05/2024.
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